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Nature Knows Best

The first book to explain the importance of the natural squatting posture
for the prevention and treatment of many serious diseases.

Nature Knows Best

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The ability to squat is a precious gift from Mother Nature. Two-thirds of humanity use this posture every day for resting, working and performing bodily functions. We in the West abandoned squatting less than 200 years ago, when we adopted sitting toilets.

Straying from nature always has its consequences. The habitual use of sitting toilets causes subtle but relentless damage to the colon and pelvis. This book presents compelling evidence that the “porcelain throne” is the unknown cause of many diseases - including appendicitis, colon cancer, colitis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, prostate disorders, and pelvic organ prolapse.

These diseases have baffled (and enriched) the medical profession. Ignoring the evidence of history, anatomy and epidemiology, doctors have attempted to put the blame on “nature's incompetence.”

Nature Knows Best refutes this claim. In clear and simple language, it explains how these diseases can be prevented and alleviated by returning to natural bodily functions. The reader will gain practical knowledge and a firm conviction that

Nature Knows Best

Computer scientist and inventor Jonathan Isbit spent eight years researching this book, in conjunction with colleagues from around the world.

100 pages             $9.95 plus shipping              Place an Order 

For a glimpse of the book's contents, see the Health Benefits page of this website.

Also available in German

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